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Planning/organisational/study skills

Major difficulties that teens and college students experience at school involve skills to ‘manage’ themselves. 

John cannot keep track of time and is always late. His friends are getting fed up and think he doesn’t care.
Liam often forgets to bring the things that he needs. He forgets school books and often comes home without his jacket.
Tonia is looking forward to the school camping trip and is packing her bag. After packing her iPad and swimming gear she has no idea what else to bring.
Anne is overwhelmed by the school project she needs to complete in the next month. She puts it off as she doesn’t know where to start.
Henry needs to finish his essay this evening, but cannot stop himself from watching You Tube instead.
These students have difficulties with so-called ‘executive functioning skills’, including planning & organisation, prioritising, starting and completing a task, problem solving, time management, impulse control, etc.

These skills are essential in order to set goals and be successful in whatever we choose to do! 
Like being the 'CEO of your brain'! 

Some children and adults genuinely struggle with these skills and find it hard to keep ‘on top of things’.
It can make academic life very, very challenging!

Not only ‘self-management’ becomes increasingly important.
Adequate study skills are also required to process, recall and reproduce information.

CAN DO KIDS provides assessment and support for students with these challenges.
Together we will explore questions including:

• Wat type of learner is your child?
• What are the strengths he can build on?
• What skills does she need to learn and develop in order to be successful?
• What tools or adaptations can be used to make it easier to achieve goals?

Let’s identify goals and help your child to achieve his/her dreams!

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