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Handwriting Assessment and Support

Even though keyboarding has become an essential skill in this digital age, children still need handwriting skills for most school tasks and for their exams.
Handwriting difficulties are shown to affect children’s achievements and participation at school!
In the majority of cases, children do not grow out of their handwriting difficulties as they get older.... It is likely that the handwriting challenges become a serious issue when more writing is required! 
Do you have concerns? Don't wait! Feel free to contact  Ageeth to discuss your concerns!
 Handwriting Assessment helps to explore questions such as:

  • What are the underlying problems?What can we do about it?
  • Are the difficulties part of Dyspraxia/DCD?
  • Is my child’s handwriting fast enough for her/his exams?
  • Is handwriting intervention the best option?
  • When is typing a better alternative?

Assessment, recommendations & review
Generally, every handwriting assessment includes questionnaires, observation, standardised testing and will be adapted to your child’s age and specific difficulties.
We can try out different pens and pencil grips. We can compare handwriting with typing skills. We can explore handwriting Apps for kids......
Parents and teachers receive extensive information and recommendations in relation to the child’s writing challenges and possibilities to improve.
Strategies, adaptations and activities can be implemented at school and/or at home straight away!
For older children it is important to investigate if improvement is still possible, or if other alternatives need to be considered for future State Exams.

At any stage you can make an appointment to review your child’s progress and move on to the next stage of handwriting development and support.

In the age of the computer, the tablet and the smartphone, many parents wonder whether their children need to spend hours learning to write by hand.

"Good handwriting is still necessary to go through the Irish education system," says Mrs. Hup.
 "You still need smooth, legible and fast handwriting for state exams.”

Click here to read the full article on handwriting skills in the Irish Independent.
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