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DCD/Dyspraxia Assessment
Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is a disorder which is also known as ‘dyspraxia’.
The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland suggests that about 6% of children between 5 and 11 years have DCD.
Children can have mild to quite severe problems with planning and coordinating movement. This affects their participation in self-care activities, in play/leisure and at school. Research shows that they usually do not grow out of these difficulties and extra support is needed!
Poor handwriting is one of the common problems observed in children and teens with DCD.
Developmental delays can also be seen in dressing skills, use of scissors and cutlery, ball skills, balance skills, planning and organisation, etc.
Self-esteem, emotional regulation and social skills can be affected too.
It can be useful to know that your child has DCD:
  • problems can be acknowledged and your child can be better understood
  • there is better guidance in finding effective solutions and resources
  • school can apply for extra school support and resources
  • medical/neurological conditions and intellectual disabilities have been assessed and ruled out

Occupational Therapy is a common starting point for DCD assessment.

If assessment indicates that your child may have DCD, you may want to take further steps to get a confirmed diagnosis. The therapist can explain to you what steps to take.

If all necessary information is already available, the therapist is able to confirm the diagnosis.

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